Norbut Elastic Yarn

Norbut Manufacturing produces custom made Elastic Yarn for Elastic Narrow Fabrics, Elastic Knitted Products, Woven Elastics, Braiding Core, Circular Knit Products, Hair Nets, Bouffant Caps, and similar. Our equipment allows us to handle orders as small as 200 lbs to large orders over 5,000 lbs. Listed below are the materials we keep in stock to quickly turn around custom orders.

22 GA White70 Denier1/70 TP SD
24 GA Black105 Denier1/100 TP SD
28 GA White260 Denier1/150 TP SD
28 GA Black480 Denier1/150 TP Black
32 GA White560 Denier1/150 Stretch Poly
34 GA White840 Denier2/150 TP SD
34 GA Black1120 Denier2/150 TP Black
38 GA White1680 Denier2/150 Stretch Poly
38 GA Black2240 Denier20/1 Spun Poly SD
50 GA White20/1 Spun Poly Black
54 GA White20/1 Cotton Natural and Beige (Medical)
100 GA White30/1 Cotton Natural
40 Denier Nylon
500 Denier Nylon/Poly (Flat)
840 Denier Nylon/Poly (Flat) SD and Black
NORDP253 Elastic Yarn