Elastic string array machine manufacturing elastic tag string.

Norbut Manufacturing

Manufacturer of high-quality Elastic Yarn and Elastic Tag String. Made in Fall River, MA USA since 1948.

Norbut Manufacturing covers rubber and spandex with different types of yarns to produce elastic tag string and elastic yarn. We specialize in custom products made to client specifications. We maintain a stocking program of our popular elastic tag strings and sewing elastics that can ship out within one business day. We ship to customers all over the world from our manufacturing facility located in Fall River, Massachusetts USA.

Our elastic products are used in a variety of applications including airline and cruise ship tags, elastic narrow fabrics, gloves, apparel, car air fresheners, hang tags, disposable garments, hair nets, horticultural tags, face masks, flower bundles, and surgical socks.

We have equipment ranging from our original H.H. Arnold covering machines built in the 1940s to our new state of the art computer controlled covering machines that were built to our unique specifications. This range of equipment allows us to run orders as small as 100 pounds and large orders exceeding 10,000 pounds. Our in-house maintenance staff and machine shop keeps our equipment running at peak performance and minimizes down time when failures occur.

Please email orders or questions to sales@Norbutmfg.com

For quotes on custom products please provide us with a sample that is at least 36” long.

Norbut Products

Elastic Tag String
Elastic Tag String

Used with:

Hang Tags, Luggage Tags, Door Tags, Car Air Fresheners, Booklets, Horticultural Tags.

Tying Elastic
Elastic Tag String

Perfect for:

Floral Bundling, Wire Bundling, Zip Lock Bag Manufacturing, Tubing Bundling

Elastic Yarn
Elastic Yarn

Used in:

Elastic Narrow Fabrics, Hair Nets and Bouffants, Gloves, Face Masks, Medical Devices

Sewing Elastic
Elastic sewing String

Perfect for:

Shirring, Gathering, Smocking

Every Norbut team member is responsible for quality assurance. Our quality control process is at the foundation of everything we do.

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Norbut is a worldwide supplier of elastic tag string, elastic tying string, sewing elastic and elastic yarn. Custom elastic products are our specialty, as we serve a diverse group of industries around the globe. Contact us today to learn more.

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